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Microsoft confirm summer release of Windows 10

Microsoft have said development is ahead of schedule of the much anticipated Windows 10 operating system which will run on a range of devices including desktops, laptops, smartphone, tablets and Xbox consoles.

The completely re-designed operating system will improve on Windows 8’s attempt at a unified platform and will see a customisable Start Menu and new streamlined browser Spartan.

Expect to see Windows 10 devices for sale around June time.


Why do I need an SSL certificate or multi-factor authentication?

The IT industry has been product driven for years moving so quickly that sometimes security comes as an afterthought.  Mobile and Cloud  technologies have been developed so quickly that the risks posed in deploying such solutions haven’t always been considered.

Protect this data using a secure certificate so the information passed between the 2 endpoints is encrypted. Your data is more valuable than the hardware it runs on so prevent it from being stolen. If you’re still using older remote / VPN technologies the risk is greater so it is even more vital that you implement more secured company standards.

For customers wishing to protect their website we offer a range of domain SSLs to get you covered. SSL Certificates are an essential way of keeping your information safe and also offer your customers confidence. And to add to that, Google have recently announced they offer a boost in rankings to those sites that are SSL protected!!

Multi-factor authentication is a system that is used which when enabled requires more than just a password  to gain access to a service or device and we need this because we are human. Because we are human we leave passwords on post it notes on computer monitors, we use the same passwords for everything & and we have a tendency to use passwords such as “password1”.  A 2 factor of authentication usually in the form of an APP on a phone, a text message service, or an RSA / YUBI key will prevent hackers from gaining access to your sites & services. Yes they may guess your password but they will need the 2nd factor of authentication to break the encryption. This part is so secure it is adopted by the banking industry. Why risk it? SSL is just part of the answer. A successful security solution will combine both SSL & multi-factor authentication.


Customer Satisfaction 97.2%

What do our customers think of our managed support services?

After compiling the results of our support desk surveys over the last 2 years i’m ecstatic to say that 97.2% customer satisfaction has been met,  far surpassing the benchmark for the industry average.

Why is this result so important to Computerlink?

Over the last 25 years Computerlink has been founded on the premise that good  personalised IT service delivery is critical for our customers to grow. Having achieved our target, it has enabled our own service portfolio to expand & prosper.

Customer focus, satisfaction & retention is paramount, even more so in todays subscription based market place.

Adobe will no longer offer Creative Suite 6 through the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) or the Transactional licensing Program (TLP)

As of February 28, 2015, Adobe will no longer offer Creative Suite 6 through the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) or the Transactional licensing Program (TLP) for our education and charity customers.

Two years ago, Adobe announced that Creative Cloud was their singular platform for all innovation for creative professionals, and that Creative Suite 6 was the last planned perpetual software release. Since then, Adobe have delivered over 500 new features exclusively to Creative Cloud members.

For further information regarding Creative Cloud, including pricing, please visit our dedicated page here

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