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Pricing – Monthly Fees (price per user unless otherwise stipulated)

How does the pricing work?

Quite simply choose the options you want. You will need to pay for each user who subscribes to the service & then it’s a choice of whether you use your existing broadband service or purchase a VTSL private access network (dedicated service with voice call data only). To use any standard broadband connection you will need to pay £2 for a teleworker licence, thus meaning that each user with cost £10 + VAT per month (£8 user licence + £2 teleworker licence). If you decide to go down the private access network route each user costs £8 + you will need to subscribe to at least 3 dedicated Private Access Network channels at a cost of £30 + VAT per month.

The are 2 great call plans. Either Free local & national or retail rates. Both plans are considerably cheaper than the BT equivalents.

User Subscription £8.00 + VAT
Call Recording £5.00 + VAT
Teleworker £2.00 + VAT supplement for each user when using a standard internet connection not a private access network
Call Queue £5.00 + VAT per queue
Mobile Twinning £1.00 + VAT rings your mobile & office phone simultaneously
DDI Number £1.00 + VAT per DDI, unless we port in a range of DDI’s from your existing provider, in which case £1.00 is all that will be charged
Site Auto Attendant £10.00 + VAT Fully configurable, automated attendant which permits call direction i.e. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc.
Logging User £1.00 + VAT Enables comprehensive call logging
Site Caller Line Identity £5.00 + VAT site cost only, shows external number dialling in
Analogue Line + Total Care £15.00 + VAT only required for broadband or legacy analogue services
Analogue Line £14.00 + VAT only required for broadband or legacy analogue services
Private Access Network £10 + VAT per simultaneous call min 3, applies when you are not using your own internet connection
Hardware £4.50 + VAT Mitel 5340 IP Phone Rental
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