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Take the worry out of domain name renewals and DNS changes. Let Computerlink manage these for you.

Your website domain is a fundamental part of your business infrastructure. Configured incorrectly your website may experience outages or SEO (Search Engine Optimisatoon) problems, email may be delayed, returned or even lost.

Your online business presence is crucial so why not get it properly managed.

Computerlink's Services

Domain Name Renewals

We’ll purchase domains names on your behalf and ensure the domains are registered correctly. When it comes to renewal we’ll take care of this for you so your domain remains active and services remain uninterrupted.

DNS Management

DNS (Domain Name System) can be confusing but Computerlink have got years of experience adding and changing DNS records. A small mistake here can lead to loss of web site or email services. We can assist, advise and manage all types of DNS records including those linked to email spoof prevention such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

Website Hosting

We provide the very latest Plesk website management software built on top our own managed servers to provide a highly resilient, fast hosting platform for any web site.

SSL Certificates

Computerlink can deploy and advise on a number of different types of SSL certificates to protect your web site and business systems. As well as protecting business services running through an on-premise server, they can even help your website gain better search engine rankings.

Don't risk getting it wrong!

Let us know how we can help simplify your domain management and make the right changes for you.

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