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What can we do?

Email Migrations

Whether your migrating from on-premise servers to O365 or from one cloud service to another.

Server Migration

We can help migrate physical servers to virtual servers or install new and host them locally on your site or in the cloud. We can upgrade your old server operating systems even from platforms such as Small Business Server and we’ll keep your company active directory and other key services in tact making the transition seamless to the user.

Office Upgrades

If you’re a little behind and need to update a large number of computers we can assist with our deployment tools.

Security updates

Due to the recent introduction of GDPR law, companies have had to tighten up their security policies and procedures surrounding IT. We’ve assisted many such companies by using Microsoft Intune software which can enforce encryption on devices helping those companies become compliant.

Office Moves

The sheer complexity of planning, moving and relocation together with upgrades and new hardware makes it a precarious task. Computerlink can handle this whole process from start to finish.

Moving Data

Computerlink can securely move your key company data from one place to another, whether you’ve run out of storage or you simply need something more flexible or compliant such as Microsoft Sharepoint for Office 365. We will also help out with data retention policies.

Hybrid Azure O365 Deployment

Still have an on-premises servers? We can ease your cloud migration headache by enabling you to run those servers in sync with cloud servers making sure your logins and users stay up to date.

Password storage, protection or single sign-on

We’ve helped many companies store their passwords and security credentials safely using password management systems protected by Multi- Factor Authentication.
Alternatively we can help setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) so one password can be used for multiple applications.

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